Personal Goals Essay Outline: Outline For Essay About Career Goals

Goals Essay Outline

A goals essay is a personal statement or motivation letter that focuses on specific careers and the choices behind them. In a goals essay, the writer is required to write about what they want to be in the future as well as the personal and professional goals that they want to achieve. A professional goals essay requires the writer to list their most significant achievements that make them the best fit for their chosen career, university or job position. The following is a goals essay outline:


Your introduction should talk about your background, goals and your vision for the benefit of the society. You must prove to your readers that you are intelligent, innovative and articulate in the first few sentences of your introduction. Ensure that your introduction is interesting enough to convince the readers to go through the rest of your essay.

2. Body

The body of your goals essay should include:

  • An Outline of your educational and professional development plans and your career goals. Describe your plans to attain a master’s or doctoral degree. Describe your professional development plan. State how you will you acquire transferable knowledge and skills to become a well-rounded professional. List your short-term career goals and describe what you want to achieve throughout your career.
  • A Description of specific personal, professional or educational experiences that have motivated you to pursue advanced studies. Reflect on different experiences that you have had and identify what you learned from them. State how those experiences motivated you and changed your thinking.
  • Specific examples of your previous research or professional activities. Describe and highlight the results of these activities. Specify your role in the activity including the extent to which you worked independently or as part of a team.

3. Intellectual merit

Describe the contributions of your activities to advancing knowledge in your career field. Clearly summarize the activities that document your intellectual merit. You can give a summary of your previous research and highlight the significant findings.

4. Broader Impacts

Describe the contributions of your past activities and their broader societal impacts. Provide specific examples of your broader impacts and desired societal outcomes in your previous career activities. Specify who benefited from these activities and how they benefited.

5. Conclusion

Conclude your essay in three to five sentences. You can include the following in your conclusion:

  • State the importance of achieving goals.
  • Advice your peers about setting goals and achieving them.
  • Explain how you intend to contribute to your profession and address social and global challenges.