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Descriptive Essay Outline : Template For 5 Paragraph Descriptive Essay Outline

Descriptive Essay Outline

A descriptive essay is an essay that describes an object, person, place experience, situation or emotion. Descriptive essays provide illustrations of people, places, events, situations feelings, and thoughts. A descriptive essay helps writers to improve their ability to create a written account of a particular experience.

Below are pointers to guide you in writing a descriptive essay:

1) What Do You Want To Describe?

It is important for you to exactly identify what you want to describe as you get started on your essay.

A descriptive essay may focus on portraying the following:

  • A person
  • A place
  • A memory
  • An experience
  • An object.

Whatever you can perceive or experience can be the topic for your descriptive essay.

2) Why Are You Writing Your Descriptive Essay?

When writing a descriptive essay, you need to have a specific reason for writing your description. Getting in touch with the reason can help you focus your description with a particular perspective.

3) How Should You Write Your Description?

The best way to create a sensory experience for your readers is to focus on the following:

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste

This enables you to provide your readers with specific details that show your readers what you are describing.

Your descriptive essay should have the following structure:

1.0 The Introduction

The introduction contains the following elements:

  • It should be interesting in order to draw the reader’s attention.
  • Give some background information that will help readers understand your claim.
  • Provide a brief explanation of the item that you are describing.
  • State your claim at the end of your paragraph.

2.0 Background Paragraph

Include a background paragraph consisting of one to two paragraphs. The purpose of the background paragraph is to lay a foundation for proving your argument. It includes:

  • Summary of the item being discussed.
  • Definition of key terms

3.0 Supporting Evidence Paragraphs

These can include three or four paragraphs whose purpose is to explain your description. They include:

  • Topic sentence- this is a fact or detail that you can tell your readers to help them understand you’re the item that you are describing better.
  • Explanation for the topic sentence.
  • Concluding sentence- end your last paragraph with a concluding sentence that explains how the topic sentence helps the readers understand your essay’s overall claim.

4.0 Conclusion

The purpose of the conclusion is to remind your readers of your argument and supporting evidence.

Your conclusion should:

  • Not simply restate your introduction paragraph. It should not talk about the same exact thing as your introduction.
  • Tell the readers why they should care about the item you have described in your essay.
  • Serve as your essay’s climax.