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Time Management Challenge for College Students

Though many students deem college life to be fun and merrymaking, there are numerous challenges higher education students face. This essay discusses time management as a challenge facing college students. College life exposes students to more freedom than they have ever experienced up to that point. The incitement is for college students to decide to schedule their time, and this transition can be difficult for some. When time management becomes a problem, college students become overwhelmed, especially if they have to work and learn at the same time. Whether working to earn for college, or just graduated from high school, time management is not an easy task.

Poor time management will lead to lower academic performance, especially for students living in college. These students experience plenty of distractions more than those living at home with their families. Homework and studies may be put off up to the last minute to make room for fun activities, socializing, and relaxation (Young). Likewise, students who are intimidated by their workload may try to avoid it as long as possible. Chronic procrastination is part of poor time management, which results in missing deadlines, scoring low in exams, or turning in sub-par work. In some schools, falling behind in classwork may lead to students dropping some classes on the way, and if the patterns continue, the student may fail to graduate on time, get placed on academic probation, lose a scholarship or drop out (Hensley). Poor time management can heighten the stress level of students. Students are always under pressure to perform well in classes, and the pressure can intensify if they still have to play catch up with their academic works. Increased stress can result in anxiousness, lack of sleep, and headaches. Studies have shown that sleep is valuable among college students, which are shunned cramming for exams, finishing late assignments due the following morning.

The good news is that there are practices a student can adopt to ensure they use their time wisely. Scheduling is the first step of effective time management as it creates order. Students can plan out daily activities by first scheduling events that are not flexible such as class time and work. Planning daily activities will allow students to allocate time to study and prepare for other responsibilities.

Another suggestion is rather than indulging in activities that do not contribute to the progress of a professional career, students should learn to sacrifice (Cooper and Goldman). Everyone is entitled to the pressure of life, but students should learn to sacrifice some of the fun activities for the sake of their academics. For instance, students should sacrifice going out to a party or social function when they have pending assignments and exams. Rather than foregoing the tasks when stressed and overwhelmed, students should take short breaks, which will help them refocus.

Finally, students need to reduce procrastination while doing college work that needs to be done sooner, such as reading for an exam or completing assignments. Studies have shown that procrastination and effective time management do not go well (Wolters et al.). One way to avoid procrastination is by recalling the possible consequences of delaying school work. Besides, students might consider mixing up tasks to reduce anxiety and fatigue from doing the same task. For instance, students might consider studying for exams while doing assignments.

In conclusion, effective time management is a significant concern among college students. When considering effective time management, students need to have a realistic scheduled plan that will help save time. Likewise, college life requires sacrifices and eliminating procrastination. Above all, it is always important to seek help from others. As a college or university student, numerous objectives await, and no one should be afraid of seeking assistance.



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