The Beauty of Nature Essay Example





The Beauty of Nature Essay Example

          To research from (Paul 300), nature is the most beautiful creation of God, and itself is known as "Mother Nature.” Nature plays a crucial role in the survival of humankind and life on this planet. It is impossible to expect life on earth without nature. The beauty of nature around us is due to the presence of air, water, land, and energy. Due to all these elements around, nature is described as a beautiful piece of art. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of nature is greenery. But nature is more than that. Nature completes itself by filling it with all the life around it, such as plants, animals, rivers, oceans, forests, mountains, and many more. All these collectively contribute to the beauty of nature. We, as humans, should try to protect nature by protecting its components; only then is its beautifully preserved and the imbalance prevented. Nature can be saved and grown only by building its beauty but not misusing or destroying it. Nature has an overwhelming beauty, which can be seen, heard, and smelled. A beautiful landscape or a raindrop on a leaf brings the same soothing effect to an eye. A blooming flower or a flower bud is having a similar impact when beauty is concerned.

           In research from (Almiqdady, Abu-Melhim, Al-Sobh 156), we can experience nature’s beauty during the early morning sunrise, a calming sunset, fog on the windows, due drops on leaves and flowers, escaping sunrays in a dense forest, clear blue sky, rainbows, moon crescent with stars, cold breeze, and many more. All these essential gifts belong to nature and describe nature’s beauty. As children, we all used to ask a question related to nature such as why is the sky blue, why a star twinkle and fall, where the sun goes after it sets, and so on. God creates nature, and all these magical incidents make nature even more beautiful. Mother nature can protect and can also cause destruction. Humans need to understand that growth and development take time, but destruction can happen within no time. When human activities create an imbalance in nature, the mother warns the life in various ways such as through landscape, cyclones, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions. All these natural calamities are signals given by Mother Nature to stop the destruction. Nature is the most beautiful component but also a crucial asset created by God. It is a blissful feeling and also a blessing for life on this planet.

           In research from (Paul 300), nature and its beauty are always inspiring and give birth to magnificent art pieces, poems, and stories. Many writers and artists get inspiration from nature and produce marvelous works of art and poetry. Nature attracts many people itself around the world. People travel around the world to various destinations in search of places where they find peace. People depend on nature and beauty to rest, relax, and have the best time with their close ones. The beauty of nature is the primary source of income for many countries. Nature attracts many tourists through its natural beauty. Since urbanization and deforestation have increased, people turn towards the countryside and choose other countries as their destinations in search of beautiful sceneries, landscapes, mountains, beaches, forests with a wide range of flora and fauna, and natural formations. Photographers play a significant role in bringing back nature. Their breathtaking photography skills are used to explore nature in every season. They capture every corner and expose the beauty. They give us a glimpse of nature’s beauty through magical moments, everything in one photograph. To research (Almiqdady, Abu-Melhim, Al-Sobh 157), the dazzling waterfalls through the giant rock create a captivating image in the eyes of the people around it. The cold air and the smell of the mud make the presence charming. The enchanting forests and the wide range of flora add to the beauty of nature. Nature has also inspired researchers and scientists to develop successful designs from it.

          In research by Sharafutdinova, Biktagirova, Deputatova, Fazlyeva, Kasimov 369), the beauty of nature can be seen and described using various colors. A single color will have numerous shades. For instance, blue has many shades. The sky is turquoise-blue, whereas the seawater is seen in various colors. Due to the absorption and scattering of light, the seawater appears green and blue. It also depends on the life present in the sea. The beauty is because of the use and distribution of colors in leaves, flowers, water, mountains, rocks, and animals. The combination of all these colors and livelihood makes nature beautiful. After the rainfall, the smell of the earth is as lovely as the rich odor of roses, lilies, and other flowers. The sunflower rotation in the direction of the sun is a beautiful and a miracle by Mother Nature. It is like a newborn child who turns his/her head when he hears his/her mother’s voice. The phenomenon itself is magical and loving. Nothing is more beautiful than the orange sky with scattered clouds during the sunset. Any human being with an emotional heart cannot escape from that powerful and natural painting. No sound is more blissful when the birds sing during the sunrise and sunset. It is beyond human control to change these beauties. The actual duty of an individual is to protect these magical moments by preserving nature. No artist can recreate these mesmerizing moments in art and keep them for future generations.

          According to research from (Sharafutdinova, Biktagirova, Deputatova, Fazlyeva, Kasimov 368), seasons also add to the beauty of nature. Among all the seasons, autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. The fallen golden leaves are spread like a carpet on the streets. Summer is when the bright golden light lifts life with the sweetest seasonal fruits, such as mangoes. Summertime is described as long days, summer nights, colorful colored flowers, and green grass. Nature is not only filled with an eye-catching environment but also with a beautiful aroma. The beauty of winter is like having snowfalls and snow everywhere. The presence of snow is compared with that of crystals scattered on the roads.

          To conclude, nature is known as the greatest gift given to the universe. Nature is always glorified as it is the spiritual soul of the planet. All living, non-living entities, and nature are interconnected. The beauty of nature is expressed using various vibrant and bright colors, poetry, and stories. Different languages use nature to express their emotions, feelings, and their mood.

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