Sales CV Sample: Sales Representative Resume Sample

Sales CV Sample

A sales CV is used to provide your potential employers with information about your experiences and skills in sales. The following is a sales CV sample:




Email Address

Career Profile

I am a result driven sales professional with a great record of generating revenues and building healthy business relationships. My experience has been enhanced by acquiring skills in sales management, customer service and relationship management. Among the roles that I have been tasked with handling include (give a list of the sales roles that you have undertaken in your previous jobs) my goal is to (state what you want to achieve in your career as sales person in regards to growth of the organization).

Employment History

Apart from just stating where you used to work, you should also outline the responsibilities you were undertaking to show how your experience is relevant to the sales job.

You should state the Job title, organization, address, start and end date, duties and achievements.

For example:

Senior sales representative, 2010-2012

Organization name and address


  • Coordinated with the manufacturers, wholesalers, and independent agents in promoting the company’s products.
  • Attended regular meetings and business seminars to enhance the knowledge in selling.
  • Ensured that the scheduled shipments of the products are posted on the bulletin board.
  • Negotiated with the current costumers and introduced new products.
  • Conducted cold visits to prospects to increase customer base.


Show what goals the company was able to achieve under your service. Having quantified sales achievements gives the employer a rough idea of the kind of value you could potentially deliver for them.

Education History:

Post-doctoral training:

Graduate school:


High school:

  • Include dates, majors and details for your degrees, trainings and certification.

Skills and Competencies

Your sales CV should show the skills and competencies you have acquired in your sales career. The could be

Sales management

Customer service

Relationship management

Marketing skills

Communication and interpersonal skills.


Professional Memberships



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Job Title

Name of Company

Phone Number

  1. Name

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