Keeping The School Clean And Green Essay Example





Keeping The School Clean And Green Essay Example

School is the place where children spend a long span of time every day. It is the place where basic knowledge, manners, and etiquette are learned by a child. The surroundings of a school are very important because it affects the students and their progress to a great extent. The children in the school today will become responsible citizens of the nation in the future. Keeping a healthy environment is necessary for schools to accelerate the growth of children.

Two main components of a healthy environment are cleanliness and greenery. Keeping the school clean should be as important as studying in school because a dirty environment can create a very bad impact on students and teachers too. Cleanliness can be maintained by setting up some simple rules such as:

  1. Throw waste in the dustbins.
  2. Clean the lunch tables before leaving.
  3. Do not damage any displays.
  4. Organize a cleanliness drive every month.
  5. Prohibit writing on any school property.
  6. Wipe feet on the mat before entering the classroom.

Teachers have to make students understand the importance of cleanliness. It will help the students to follow the rules not only because they are meant to be followed but because they will understand the value of cleanliness. The above-mentioned rules should be followed by the students, teachers, and staff carefully but there are some responsibilities on the part of the school authorities too. Cleaning staff should be there in school, awareness should be created, environment-friendly disinfectants should be used regularly, recycle bins should be put all around the school.

Greenery is good for the environment and it enhances beauty too. Today when the whole world is facing a worldwide environmental crisis it is very important to make the pupils understand that trees are our saviors. Schools should provide sustainable education to develop environmental consciousness among the children. Proper actions should be taken to keep the schools green which will create a positive impact on the environment as well as on the students and all the people working there. In order to maintain greenery, some rules should be maintained by the school authority.

Students should not trample plants. There should be one period for planting new plants and taking care of the plants. Special classes should be taken to create environmental awareness. Special classes should be taken on how to take care of plants.

Some other steps can also be taken to make the students feel that they are on the lap of nature like switching off lights and let the sunlight come into the classrooms, taking one or two classes on the ground under the shade of trees on sunny days, installing solar panels and using solar energy, insisting them to use battery-operated vehicles, etc.

The primary agenda of a school is to provide good quality of education but a school is also the place where a human being learns to socialize for the first time. Schools should have an ideal environment, characterized by cleanliness and eco-friendliness because whatever children learn in school creates an impact on their whole life. A child spends a long portion of the day in school so it must have a perfect environment. A good attitude of students and teachers can be promoted in a clean environment towards each other. Students, teachers, and staff feel happy to work in a clean, green, and beautiful place. In conclusion, it can be said that schools are a second home for children so the importance of the environment of the school is unavoidable. Everyone involved there must work together as a team to make the school clean and green.



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