Importance of English – Example Essay





Importance of English – Example Essay

          "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”- Nelson Mandela. Multilingualism has become more prevalent. It has led to an increase in employment opportunities and building real connections with people to know more about diverse cultures, places, and lifestyles. One may often question how English becomes so important. During colonial times, British rulers often obliged the people in those countries to speak English rather than their native language. Although the origins of English as a global language have a complicated past, the language has left an important mark on media, trade, and business. As English is the third most widely spoken language in the world. The more proficient you are in English, the better you can express yourself. It is considered a diplomatic and trade language. It is perhaps used for science, aviation, technology, and international communication. English bridges the gap in communication and brings people closer by providing people with a common medium to communicate and connect.


          The use of English is multi-faceted as it is not only considered a global language but also opens up multiple employment opportunities. It also provides access to the media industry such as news, articles, and the Hollywood industry which has been very prominent. Good knowledge of the language will allow an increase in access to music and literature from hundreds of countries around the globe. English also makes traveling more convenient as it’s a second language in over 118 countries, airport announcements, train timetables, emergency information, and street signs are often available in English. Research from a Swiss study showed that learning a new language changes the brain structures, impacting the parts of the brain responsible for memory, and conscious thought and it can make you more creative. In the long term, bilingualism can keep the brain strong and healthy into old age and supports concentration and memory skills. On an individual level, it improves personality and increases the sense of self-worth. English is also considered the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global workforce. Research from all over the world shows that cross-border business communication is most often conducted in English and many international companies expect employees to be fluent in English. Learning the language also broadens one’s social networking. For example, people who speak English have a better chance of being accepted into training programs or colleges in English-speaking countries.

English as an international standard tool for communication is now considered a basic skill. It has also been considered a tool for success as it allows a person to easily communicate with others and find more job opportunities not only in the country but also around the world. There are also many professional information publications produced in English, so the language is necessary for those who work in science or conduct research. Learning English involves balancing four major skills- Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. These are the main skills needed to communicate. These skills are also interrelated as, for example, you need to be able to read well before you can write well. You also need to be able to listen before you can speak. Each of these main skills has micro skills within them. For example, pronunciation is a type of speaking skill that must be practiced in order to improve communication. Spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are skills that give a hold over the language.

In this digital era, one can learn and improve English online through various courses, quizzes, taking up classes, etc. One who already has a hold over the language but wants to excel at it can hone and test their skills through GRE and GMAT exams. There are many different types of technology that help you choose how you learn best. For example, apps that guide one through instructor-led videos. Taking an online course is a great way to study the basics of English. Having this type of foundational knowledge will be fundamental to comprehension and practice. Plus, you can choose the course based on your goals and current skill level. If you are hoping to learn conversational English for an upcoming trip, you can find a course that’s tailored to this specific goal. There are also courses in English for international business, writing, for reading, among many others. Depending on your end goal, enrolling in a course that aligns with your objectives can set you on the path to success. 

Thus, whether it is for one’s professional or personal reasons, understanding the importance of English will help you reach one’s goals. 

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