Essay Sample On Knowledge Is Power





Essay Sample On Knowledge Is Power

Recently, the importance of knowledge has been a major topic of discussion. This is because of many questions and beliefs that people have in regard to knowledge. Some people believe that knowledge is less important in human life compared to wealth, health, and others while some people hold that knowledge is the most important thing one can ever have. However, the most argued issue regarding knowledge is the fact that knowledge is power. Many people believe that knowledge is power but others don’t agree with this fact. It is for this reason that I will be explaining in this essay why knowledge is power.

Knowledge refers to skills, acts, and information gained through experience or education; the practical or theoretical comprehension of a subject (Kaur 7). Knowledge is power, therefore, means that an individual has education and absolute control of his life by using that knowledge. A person with knowledge can handle the things in life with ease. This is because knowledge is a powerful tool offering power to the individuals who fight for their rights and compete with the world. The difference between man and an animal has been created by knowledge (Kaur 8). Even though people cannot be contrasted with animals in physical power, people have been the most powerful creatures in the world simply because of the power of knowledge.

Kaur asserts that in physical power, people are weaker compared to animals (13). However, people obtain power from knowledge and are not relying on physical strength. People are extremely sharp and sensible creatures in the world for the reason that they have the capability to change the world with their experiments, knowledge, and research. Knowledge offers power to people to be aware of how to control natural forces and use them for their own benefit. Therefore, obtaining knowledge is the most crucial part of human life. This is because human beings are able to distinguish between right and wrong, good or bad through knowledge (Kaur 14).

According to Black, knowledge helps people with their future planning and steers them to the correct path (76). Knowledge also helps people to overcome their weaknesses, and errors, in addition to facing challenges in life with confidence and having control over them as soon as possible. Individuals are made powerful by knowledge by being given mental and moral improvements in life. Knowledge is a very significant tool used to obtain positive changes in the community and nation. I can therefore assert that knowledge is the cornerstone to success and happiness. Thus, people should obtain knowledge and work with honesty and protect their communities from evil. This is the reason that knowledge keeps peace in society by keeping individuals away from fights and other social ills (Black 77).         

In general, it is apparent that knowledge is power. This is because it helps to differentiate human beings from animals. Knowledge also helps people to deal with and overcome daily life challenges. Knowledge is the source of peace- both peace of mind and society. It is, therefore, important to ensure that everybody has the knowledge for the better interest of the social world at large.

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