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 My country is Kenya. It is located in the eastern part of Africa, with a population of about a 53million.  Did you know that the 44th president of the USA has roots in Kenya? Did you also know that Kenya hosts one of the seven wonders of the world? Locating Kenya on the world map requires understanding its brief history based on its economic, political, and social activities. This discussion describes the various aspect of my country Kenya, based on the past, present, and future activities from economic, political, and cultural perspectives.

 A brief history of Kenya shows that it got its independence from the British colonizers in 1963. Before colonization, there was no country like Kenya. It was just a vast land made of many tribal groups with their tribal leadership. These communities had their traditional ways of life that were far from the current world civilization. However, during the colonization, Africa was partitioned and the country Kenya was born. It comprises a total of 42 tribes who have been enclosed in a common border and have therefore experienced a common history. Currently, Kenya is an independent state with its own economic, political, and social organizations that distinguish it from the rest of the world.

 Kenya is an economically strong country. It is the sixth strongest economy in Africa after South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria. Its main economic activity is agriculture, which accounts for almost 60% of its total GDP (Ng'asike, Hagmann, and Wasonga, 12). The main crops grown in Kenya include tea and coffee, which are exported for cash. Food production in Kenya is also adequate, with the country being able to sustain the food demand for the entire population throughout the season. Tourism becomes the second sector of the economy that earns the country a lot of income. With many game parks, hotels, and cultural activities, tourists, both locally and internationally flock to the country for a taste of Kenyan uniqueness. It makes Hotels and traveling agencies collect adequate income that boosts the economy of the country. Other economic activities for the country include mining and service industries. Kenya is the home of M-M-Pesa, a mobile banking platform that makes the country to be unique in its way. It is therefore a highly growing economy with many upcoming industries and inventions from both the locals and the foreign investors.

 Socially, Kenya is one of the most interesting countries to visit.  It hosts a wide range of social activities that are combined with modernity and cultural traditions. Kenya contains a total of 42 tribes with different unique traditional activities. However, modernization has made Kenya embrace one culture that enables free interaction based on the existing national values. "Harambee” is a Kenyan term that means "pulling together”. It is a social aspect of society that enables people to work together to achieve a common goal. Intermarriages among different tribes of the country have always been the order of the day. Kenya has also a unique social identity that is free from discrimination based on race, or ethnicity. It is for this reason that Kenya welcomes visitors from all over the world through, "Karibu Kenya”, a Kiswahili phrase that translates to "Welcome to Kenya” (Juma and Khademi-Vidra, 4732).  Currently, Kenya hosts all races in the world who work harmoniously and coexist without experiencing any identity challenges.

Politically, Kenya is known for its democratic governance, with the people having a say. It is one of the few African countries that have never experienced any coup deter. Its political stability has been one of the reasons that many local and foreign investors have successfully established their businesses in the country. The ability to have an organized system of government with proper power transition makes Kenya one of the most admired states in the continent of Africa. However, like many other democracies in the world, Kenya has had its share of democratic challenges that resulted in violence (Kamau, 136). Every five years, there has always been fear of political instability due to electoral processes which some people view not to be fair. However, the judiciary has always taken control and solved the disputes that emanate from such political processes. Good political relations with other countries have also enabled Kenya to be a destination for foreign direct investments. The country is hence, considered a role model for many states in the world that are still struggling to achieve a working democracy.

 In conclusion, Kenya is one of the most admired states in the world. It is a country that I am proud to be associated with. Despite the existence of small challenges that affect every developing country in the world, there is a lot to be proud of as a Kenyan. Among them is the strong political institution that we have as a nation, especially a working democracy. The availability of diverse economic activities that enable the population to survive makes it a good country to live in. Socially, it is one of the best in the world that respects the dignity of all humans without any form of distribution. Always feel most welcome in Kenya.


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