An Essay Example of The Best Teacher Ever





An Essay Example of The Best Teacher Ever

Mr. John possessed all the qualities and traits that create an excellent teacher; therefore, he is recognized as the best teacher I have ever had. Furthermore, he contained a great personality and a good sense of humor. Mr. John would tirelessly listen to every student who required assistance from him for assignments to be completed. Also, to ensure that a student gets a good enough grade, he would see you more than once regarding the same project and not show any unwillingness. Mr. John would always greet you with a pleasant smile and pleasantly ask you, "How are you doing today?" as he walked by. Although he was always so severe during class, with a great sense of humor, his funny jokes in between the lesson would crack you up. Therefore, Mr. John is a high-standard teacher and would not show any disrespect towards his students.

Teacher John was always there to help. Later in the year, he began tutoring me in physics because I wasn't getting it, so we met once a week after school, and he just taught the lesson all over again but just to me. Even now, when I am in college, we still text each other once in a while, and he even sent me a care package with a bunch of candy bars and cookies. He invited me to his wedding this past summer. He taught me a bunch of stuff not just in the classroom but in life. He acted in some ways as a mentor and took me under his wing not just as a student but as a friend, just like obi wan did to luke skywalker in star wars. He helped me during my high school years, and I hope I can one day do the same for a younger person when I graduate college and go on in my career.

Mr. John had this remarkable ability to make us want to learn (Wayne 13). He would slyly turn us against each other, making us into competitors who would try to impress him with our knowledge. He always knew precisely when to stop teaching and tell a joke to make us laugh. This was a vast difference from my European history teacher, who would drone on for two hours without interaction with us students or breaks in between. Mr. John would encourage us to think deeply and make connections between historical events. I discovered that with a bit of studying, I was naturally good at this. It felt amazing to be able to do something in a way that few other people could do well, and even better to be recognized and praised for it. It was clear that he prized critical thinking over brute memorization (although that was important too). I wish more teachers were like Mr. John. Teachers who are good-humored and knowledgeable about their subjects take the time to recognize and praise the efforts of students who genuinely try their best. These teachers are so few and far between.

In addition, Mr. John was a teacher with a great personality and a good sense of humor, and a teacher who understood every child. Therefore, he developed that sense of motivation and confidence in every student teacher that he taught (Lou 102126). Also, he realized that every learner is different and made every effort to meet our individual needs. To motivate my classmates and me, he would use his personal experiences as a teacher. These included his life stories as a student and as a teacher. Also, his enjoyment, as he taught us, was always very uplifting. He enjoyed teaching, and it made it easier for the teachers to develop a love for the profession further. In addition, if there were any misunderstandings while he was teaching, he would only move on when the individual understood if time permitted him. If not, he would schedule a time to see you in his office. Thus, his love for teaching helped motivate and build every student's confidence, whether they were struggling or not.

In conclusion, I am pleased to have had this intelligent and passionate man as my literacy teacher at high school. His strength and pleasant demeanor made it very easy to approach him, especially when we were struggling. Also, he never gave up on us. Mr. John is the ideal role model for every student who needs to develop the confidence and motivation required to complete the program. Therefore, his ability to possess so many qualities of an excellent teacher portrays him as a perfect example of what every teacher should be. Everyone always has one professor who has a life-long impact. This kind of teacher usually shows us how we will live our lives and how we're going to make them. These teachers deserve acknowledgment. I believe everyone might have come across these best teachers in their school life.


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