An Accident I Saw Essay





An Accident I Saw

          That day was really horrible as I was terrified by witnessing a terrible accident. It was the most dangerous accident case which I have ever seen throughout my life. Its image was so devastated, so painful and so horrible that I could not forget the incident for almost two weeks. I can still remember that it was 25th December the Christmas day. The road, malls, shops, bakery shops, ice cream stores, and toy stores were fully crowded. Everybody was enjoying in their way. Children were busy buying toys with their parents, boys and girls were busy eating cakes, pastries, chocolates, ice creams, and so on. Every shop, the mall is decorated for the Christmas celebration. Some people were going for visiting the church. Everything was just awesome and everyone was celebrating the day with full excitement but suddenly a furious situation happened.

There was a Tata sumo car standing beside a bakery shop and a family of five people was sitting in the car. There were two children and three adults. A truck full of iron rods was coming, the driver of the truck could not control the balance due to the mob. The Tata Sumo car at that time just started driving towards the truck. The truck got into the accident with that car. Both of them crashed and a severe collision happened. It just happened in less than one minute. The car was almost under the truck and got collided. Everyone in the car including the children was spotted dead. As the road was full of the mob so some people were also injured and immediately sent to the hospital. I was lucky enough that I was in a bakery shop for buying cakes. Fortunately, only the truck driver was alive but injured. He was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment. It was so painful that every member of the family was found dead after the rescue operation. The worst thing was that as the truck was loaded with iron rods, so when the accident has happened the rods fell on the road and for that some people were injured badly. Police came to control the situation and assured the mob to test whether the driver was drunk or not. I was so afraid of that situation that I could not get out of that even after two weeks. This was my horrible experience.

However, accidents are happening regularly nowadays. According to some government data, there are certain causes of the accident. Such as-

  • Over Speeding- Most fatal accidents occur due to overspeeding. It is a natural psyche of humans to excel. If given a chance man is sure to achieve infinity in speed. But when everyone is sharing the road with other users everyone should remain behind another vehicle. An increase in speed multiplies the risk of injury during an accident. Faster vehicles are more prone to accidents. (Vanlaar 155-161)
  • Drunken Driving- Consumption of alcohol to celebrate any occasion is common. But when mixed with driving it turns celebration into misfortune. Alcohol reduces concentration. It decreases the reaction time of the human body. Limbs take more to react to the instructions of the brain. It hampers the vision. All these factors lead to severe road accident
  • Distracted Driver- Though distraction while driving could be minor but it can cause major accidents. Distractions could be outside or inside the vehicle. The major distraction nowadays is talking on mobile while driving. The act of talking on the phone occupies the major portion of the brain and the smaller part handles the driving skills. This division of the brain hampers reaction time and the ability to judgments. This becomes one of the biggest reasons for crashes.
  • Red Light Jumping- It is a common sight at road intersections that vehicles cross without caring for the light.  The main motive behind the red light is to save time. A red-light jumper not only jeopardizes his life but also the safety of other road users.
  • Avoiding safety gears- Use of a four-wheeler is now mandatory and not wearing a seat belt invites penalty, same in the case of a helmet has been brought under law after proven studies that these two things reduce the severity of injury and accidents. So, the people who don't wear this are affected by small accidents also. (Goniewicz 433-435)
  • To prevent an accident- Develop the right attitude in driving, always wear a safety belt, limit passengers, drive at a moderate speed. (Selvathi)



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