A Visit to a Book Fair Sample Essay





A Visit to a Book Fair Sample Essay

A book fair is where different publishers and book dealers exhibit their books and other reading items to promote their sales and increase interest. They have different activities like contests for kids and other fun games (Song). The most extensive book fair in the world was the Frankfurter Buchmesse of 1949, which had an attendance of over 280,000. The book fairs can, at times, be set for a particular group, like a student's book fair. Discussed below is my report on a visit to a book fair. 

This event was the 23rd Nairobi International Book fair 2021. The event was set from 28th September 2021 to 2nd October 2021 at Sarit Centre Expo Hall Westland's, Nairobi, Kenya. The event was hosted and set by Kenya Publishers' Association. The theme of the event was "publishing for the new era." Additionally, the event was set for the physical and virtual versions, aired on all social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram (Muniz et al., pg. 120). The event brought different authors, booksellers, readers, and media together from all over the world. The attendance was high since the event is commonly well-known since is organized every year. Secondly is that it is one of the largest book fairs in East Africa and Africa in general. Lastly, the event was free, and due to this, it gave most people a chance to attend the event without biases. 

The main activities at the event included; a workshop and seminars on topical issues. Each day different publishers had different seminars on different themes and topics in different rooms. An example was the technological seminar that I attended. The second activity was book launches. Different authors and publishers used this event to launch their books since there was a high presence of customers (Hertwig). The other event was the children's events. The children's events include number and word plays, contests, and other activities. It made them active and made the event a happy moment for most children. Additionally, the Jomo Kenyatta publishers presented a prize for the best literature author. It was an excellent place to do so since the other authors were challenged to work better and also used to market the publishers. Another award was the Wahome Mutahi Literary Award. Apart from readers, authors were allowed to attend a seminar where they learned how to write compelling and the modes of publishing their work in these seminars, different published prizes, and good deals to the authors who attended the seminars. The sixth activity was the boo sale and raffle. Different authors and publishers offered discounts and giveaways of their books during this event. The books sale included all types of books, i.e., comic, educational, children's books, etc. 

The 23rd Nairobi International Book Fair 2021 was necessary in the following ways; the first was that the book fair motivated me to read books in different areas. It is because I learned and understood that they were an extensive collection of books to read from. Secondly is that our institution was able to raise funds to upgrade the school library. It was achieved from the different contests that we won, which were rewarded with library upgrades and book donations. Thirdly is that I had a chance to learn the best ways of compelling reading. It was achieved by attending the topical seminars that were planned during the event. Additionally, I could buy different books for lower prices since most authors and publishers offered discounts on their sales. Lastly, I learned most tips for effective writing and how I would begin writing my books since I am much passionate about writing. 

In conclusion, a book fair is where different publishers and book dealers exhibit their books and other reading items to promote their sales and increase interest. I attended the 23rd Nairobi International Book Fair 2021. The event was set from 28th September 2021 to 2nd October 2021 at Sarit Centre Expo Hall Westland's, Nairobi, Kenya. The main activity of that event were workshops and seminars, book launches, children's activities, prizes by different publishers, and authors' seminars. The event was vital since it motivated me to read books in different areas, the institution raised funds to upgrade the school library, and I learned most tips for effective writing.



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