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My Favourite Teacher

          A teacher is the noblest profession that deserves great respect. At all times, the teaching profession has remained the most honourable and hard at the same time. It is a real gift. Teachers give us a lot of invaluable knowledge that will be useful later in life. There are different teachers in our school: those who are able to listen to students and love us with all their sincere love. I love all school subjects. I try to achieve the best results in each of them, and I treat all teachers equally. Yet, there is my favourite – this is a teacher of the English Language - Victoria Bruce. She is a wonderful teacher, an amazing person!

          She conducts the lesson in an interesting way, clearly explains the rules or content of the works. I also like her because she has a great sense of humour. Sometimes we can distract ourselves from the topic right at the lesson by listening to funny stories, jokes. However, this does not prevent us from studying a new topic at all. Sometimes she can be strict, and this makes us better prepare for the lesson. Victoria fairly evaluates the students and motivates us. She always goes the extra mile. She always meets us halfway and helps us not only with lessons but also with personal issues. Any teacher should love students the way their parents love them. After all, if the teachers do not like the students, and even more if they do not respect them, they will not be able to convey their ideas and make the students listen and love the subject as they love it themselves. Victoria loves her work, loves the students, and in turn, we love and respect her.

          Teachers do not do it for money but ideological reasons. For any teacher, the main reward will be the gratitude of the students in whom they invest so much time and effort. Teachers sacrifice a lot for us – their students.  If we repay them with warmth, respect and love, we will remember our beloved teacher even after graduation; then, this will be the best reward for the teacher.

          Probably, every teacher wants the student to succeed in the future. Of course, every teacher is pleased when that is what happens. That is why we should always remember our teachers, who spared no effort, patiently and persistently educated us. In my opinion, the state should take more care of people who are educating the future of the country. I am sure that our future achievements directly depend on the fact that we have met such wonderful and sympathetic people as our teachers in our lives.

            Finally, I would like to say to my teacher, "Thank you so much for being there!" If there were more teachers like Victoria Bruce, the world would become a little more interesting, kinder and happier. I really like this teacher, and I am really looking forward to the next lesson, it’s a pity that they do not come so often.

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