“Did A Newspaper Act Irresponsibly By Publishing The Addresses Of Gun Owners?”









"Did A Newspaper Act Irresponsibly By Publishing The Addresses Of Gun Owners?”



A newspaper is typically used for the latest news, and some ads are used to market the business so the people will have the idea of what precisely the product is working in the market (Allison). There are multiple ads of TV drama, electronic products, and many other services which use newspaper marketing. In that case, some personal products such as Guns can be considered the critical product because Police/Army departments or criminals primarily use the guns. At the same time, some people keep the licensed firearms for their safety and security.

Publishing the addresses of gun owners can be an act of responsibility if proper registration knowledge of the owner is there so that the people can have an idea that the person will not breach the rules and regulations or do not provide the guns to an unauthorized person. Without proper verification, it is considered an act of irresponsibility because if there is no good check and balance, the issues will be there, and the criminals can use the details of gun owners for crime purposes (Boehmer).

Some of the business people do not follow any legislation; they sell their product without the verification of customer, such as some of the gun owners do not take moral responsibility, in that case, the issues will be there, and the guns can be sold to the criminals which can be used for the criminal act. Therefore, the implications of policies are vital to run the ad in the newspaper. Otherwise, there must be a lot of irresponsibility being enforced by newspaper management.

The irresponsibility should be controlled at the earlier stages; otherwise, the issues will be certainly increased, and many people may lose their lives due to some criminal act, and they might get the guns from the addresses of gun owners. The stealing of firearms can also happen if the lessons are given in the newspaper; that is why there must be a proper check and balance before giving the address. The contact details are sufficient; otherwise, the criminal act may take place.

To control the criminal act, it is necessary to derive some policies for newspaper management to post the addresses after proper verification, and sufficient information should be mailed to avoid any coincidence. In contrast, the planning of policy management is essential (Armstrong). The optimization of different policies is required to set the planned execution and integration to be used in the framework of implementation based on which the issues should be resolved.

There are some technical errors in posting the addresses. In that case, a testing team should read the entire newspaper and detect the issues as per the mentioned policies. The process level structure should be followed, and inappropriate details will not be posted in the newspaper. The testing team must follow the technical domain of implications to cross-check the implemented information as per the given contextual structure and services of newspaper management.

There are some incidents in which the guns have been stolen from the gun owners, and address posting in the newspaper can be a managerial issue. The proper integration and analysis of the incident should be checked to get the correct functional details. The settlement of policies can be done in that case too. Specific issues can only be controlled if the gun owners’ addresses are not given in the newspaper so that the problems may not occur.

The gun owners' contact numbers can be given only to get the information about guns. Also, gun owners should only provide weapons to legal people to avoid the crime rate. Criminals are too advanced nowadays, so the Ad posting in the newspaper should be cross-checked with the detailed strategies and implications about which the collaboration of the people is necessary to control the issues so that the newspaper should be managed appropriately checked.

The leading solution is the deployment of the testing team. The team should check every line of the newspaper and then provide the analytical report before posting it to the public because the newspaper is considered the most authentic source nowadays as the people have strong trust in newspapers. Their policies should be there for sure so the ads like gun owners' addresses can be controlled and the issues can be resolved. Only the news, which is not harmful and cannot be used by the criminals should be posted in the newspaper. Also, there must be cross-validation of each page of the paper.





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