Tips On Writing A Humorous Essay

How Do I Write A Humor Essay?

The essence behind writing essays is to present ideas in organized paragraphs. The idea of injecting humor into an essay might seem like a complicated task especially if you have never tried injecting humor in an expository essay. It is absurd that some people hold the belief that being humorous is inborn, we at iwriteessays.com suggests that everyone is capable of writing humorous pieces one they recognize the humor in certain episodes of writing. Therefore, if you trust in yourself to come up with an interesting and funny approach on a matter, you can consider writing a humor essay.

How to better your writing using humor

1.Be the joke

  • Making personal jokes is one way of making fun about something without offending your audience.
  • In most cases, the audiences of your essays will welcome the invitation of laughing with you and at your associates. Examples of people you can include in your jokes are parents, pets, family and spouses..

2.Be specific

  • Making fun of general ideas can be funny but being specific is much preferable.

 Use comedic timing

  • The use of comedic timing can be just as easy as applying a funny word at the final moment.
  • For example, you can pause unexpectedly before the punch line by commencing on a new paragraph.
  • If the context is that of storytelling, you can take the reader through the concept above. This surprise has the effect of redirecting the reader in a funny way.

3.Use a thesaurus

  • A word can be funnier by their pronunciation or by their spelling.
  • Detecting such words is an easy task, as you will automatically laugh when you see such words. For example Surprise sounds ordinary but flabbergasted is priceless.

4.Use a swipe file. 

Swiping files in one’s mind is probably the best tools a writer can use. A swipe file consists of goods things that don not automatically cross you mind. This aspect of a swipe file is useful when making an introduction of a new turn of comic events.

5.  Edit the paper

  • A truthful fact is that coming up with a humorous essay is not an easy task for most people. Your first draft will definitely have interesting stuff in it but try to use the guide above to provide a better paper.
  •  Read your essay aloud to someone of different language, this avoids discouragement while allowing you to listen and correct your writing.
  • After you are sure you are done with your essay, request a friend to read the paper aloud in your presence. Focus your attention in the humor part of the essay just as an audience would.