How to write out numbers in an essay

How to properly write numbers in essay

Expression of numbers can be used in one or two words. It also varies when using specific citation styles. It is always advisable to consult the style manual for instructions, while observing consistence. A different standard is observed when writing business and technical essay.

It is all a matter of writers’ preferences when it comes to spelling out numbers vs using figures. It is always recommended to spelling out the numbers first and thereafter the figures according to iWriteessays.

Rules to observe

  • When one is beginning a sentence first spell out the numbers; for example nine hundred people were present.
  • To be formal one should spell out small numbers out first. That is; small numbers, smaller than ten should be spelled out.
  • All the compound numbers should be hyphenated; i.e. from twenty-one through ninety nine. For example fifty three people were injured in the accident.
  • Whenever one is using figures of four or more digits, a comma is always necessary.
  • When one is writing out sums of less than a dollar u must not use a decimal point; for example it is wrong to write $0.50
  • Always advised to used words rather than figures when it comes to time, for clarity. For example; noon and midnight instead of 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM.
  • Use figures when using mixed fraction, unless it is the beginning of sentence.
  • Never use the word and, when writing out a number of three or more digits; for example, one thousand one two hundred and ten dollars.
  • It is not write to capitalize decades. For example; during seventies and eighties, the U.S. Population grew tremendously.
  • It is simpler to put an apostrophe before the incomplete numeral, when expressing decades using figures. Not between the number and the s. for example; during ‘70s and ‘80s, the U.S. population grew tremendously.
  • Decades can also be expressed in complete numerals. It looks cleaner to avoid an apostrophe between the year and the s. for example during 1970s and 1980s, the U.S. population grew.
  • The items are separated using a semicolon whether they are fragments or full sentences.
  • One can choose to capitalize the list or not when using a vertical list. A comma can also be used or not after each item.
  • It is also appropriate to use a colon if the sentence is clearly anticipatory, or it is phrased such as; the following or as follows.