How To Write An Expressive Essay

What Is The Outline Of An Expressive Essay?

Expressive essays are compositions that are introspective and written in the first person. Expressive essays use words such as "I, I'm, I've" to convey emotion rather than "you, your, you're." Most writing prompts for expressive essays are about emotions and feelings of the writer. Expressive essays still follow the rules and grammar of normal papers but have a more personal than formal tone to them. Expressive essays are very popular for college entrance applications. Below is an illustration prepared by iwriteessays.com that will answer your question on "How Should I Structure An Expressive Essay?"

How To Write An Expressive Essay


  • The main point in an expressive essay is to write about the outcome of a personal experience. In regards to the personal experience, an individual needs to show how the personal experience changed them and/or still affects them today.
  • In order for an individual to write an expressive essay, the individual must be able to put together a properly structured expressive essay.
  • This can be about a bad experience or a good experience upon how you look at the thing.


  • The main factor when writing an expressive essay is the ability to describe in detail, an event in your life.
  • You need enough ability and skills to write the essay so that the reader’s attention is towards the essay.
  • If your essay is boring to you then it will for sure be boring to other readers. It needs to have a good organization so that the reader does not get confused about what you are trying to say.


  • The topic should be about a personal experience that you had. You can describe in detail fond memories of your childhood or teenage years.
  • Explain how or when these things made a change in you along with why. The topic can even be about a personal place that has importance to you somehow.
  • The topic should be something of reference to the reader. You can talk about a certain belief, but you need to be able to support with facts and other information about your belief.


  • The essay should start with an opening paragraph and end it with a closing paragraph.
  • Requirements like double space and one-inch margin depending upon the essay.
  • Your sentences in the beginning of the essay need to grab reader’s interest.


  • At the end of the essay, you need to give brief overview of the essay, which is the closing summary.
  • Check your Grammar and punctuation.