How To Write An Essay On Nature

Writing An Essay About Nature

Writing nature essay is about two centuries old since it came in place. It was largely practiced by European and North American writers. Nature writing it is one of the most popular genres today according to john elder and Robert finch. They argue that it forms a significant proportion of the nonfiction being written in English. Nature writing basically takes many forms, ranging from descriptive to personal reflections to calls to action for environmental causes. However much of it takes larger purpose of connecting and illuminating the natural world for its readers.

Steps to take when writing nature essay

  • Define your purpose. According to Elder and Finch defining your purpose first is the beginning of writing nature essay. Through history and into the modern day, nature writing has fulfilled different purposes: advocacy for environmental protection and social justice. It also deals with commentary on human behavior and connecting scientific ideas to personal experiences.
  • Make observation on the surrounding that you want to write about. This criterion was discovered by Ron Harton of the website Nature Writing for Readers that Nature writing begins with observation. Make use of all the senses to observe deep and get the details that wouldn't be obvious to the average passerby. Take photographs where necessary, as you make sketches or write down your observations down. Connect your observations to your purpose. For example, when describing the joy you feel when walking your favorite trail, show the experiences that show that.
  • Fill in any blanks by conducting adequate research. This aspect is well described by Elder and Finch they discuss how nature essays build on scientific knowledge while adding a personal dimension that is often missing during pure scientific inquiry.
  • Make an Outline of your essay which mostly of great benefit to many writers. However other writers need only a few notes about what should be included in what section. Start up with an interesting introduction.
  • Write your essay now that you have laid down an outline. Create strong images that will help your readers to see and experience what you have seen and connect with your experience.
  • Finally proofread your work to check any mistake that may be there. Closely check out if you kept to your purpose and whether your writing expresses what you wanted it to express. Have a second person to check your essay for more information on how readers will respond to your writing.