The Benefits Of Using Instagram As A College Student

Why College Students Should Use Instagram

Did you know that Instagram is a powerful networking tool? Today, Instagram is an easy way to get ahead in your career and college life. Never underestimate the power of Instagram for college students. Below are tips to help you utilize Instagram as a college student:

 1. Virtual resume

Including your Instagram account on your job applications might not be a great way to offer a snapshot of your interests and skills. However, it is a great platform to advertise your ability to create cohesive design, present yourself well, and grow your network. You need to be a competitive force if you wish to succeed since social media is an ever-growing force. Your Instagram feed should be a reflection of who you are and should not feel fake or forced.

Ask yourself these questions before posting:

  • Would be comfortable if your employer saw your photos?
  • Would people view your photos as offensive?
  • Does the photo fit your feed as a whole?
  • Are you presenting yourself accurately?
  •  2. Create an a appealing feed

Why do you post on Instagram? Do you have a purpose? Are your Instagram posts cohesive and visually pleasing? Your Instagram feed can make a huge difference between gaining recognition and being overlooked. Remember that you do not need a professional grade camera to have a nice feed. While take your photos consider these things:

  • Natural lighting
  • Take several photos then choose the best ones
  • Things are more visually pleasing in thirds compared to twos
  • Consider the shadows and the direction of the light
  • Do not use a heavy filter while editing
  •  3. Networking

Instagram is a great way to connect with leaders in your field. In addition, it helps you stay up to date on resources and events. You can easily build relationships with people in the industry and beyond. Note that Instagram is useful to anyone with popular interests from photography, blogging, travel, knitting, or business. Instagram has a whole community out there for college students.

To connect on Instagram:

  • Search for relevant hashtags
  • Comment on other users images
  • Follow the top influence rs in your area

Instagram is a powerful tool for college students. It is also a fun platform and you can do whatever makes you feel comfortable. The above tips will help you take your Instagram to the next level.