How To Write A Perfect Medical School Admission Essay

 Parts Of A Compelling Medical School Application Essay

Applying to medical school is not an easy process. The following 5 parts of a medical school application process will help you write an essay that will make you stand out. In making the application process less tedious, the following is what a competitive medical essay is all about.

1. Grade - Grades are atop the competition for a reason – medical college wants to be personal and confident so that their students can have the energy to complete the programs applied. There in an endeavor to expand the knowledge in the medicine. An impressive GPA gives the admission officer that you have the academic ability that will enable you complete the medical program. 

2. MCA - The Medical school Admission Test that is 5-hour standardized five-hour test has been part of the college admission process for many years. The MCAT gauges the student critical thinking, scientific knowledge and analytical skills. It reveals the applicant’s intellectual talents when under pressure. It gives the medical college the chance of comparing students who come from different backgrounds and college.

3. Extracurricular Activities - This is where you get a chance to show your interests apart from academics. This will give your medical and clinical experiences and it will go a long way to supplement your grades. You should tell what you learned from the experience rather than taking much of your time describing the experience. You can also give other experiences as much as they do not directly relate to the medical field. The other experiences will help to demonstrate how you balance life.

4. Letters of Recommendation - This part is the most important of all the five discussed here. This is because it requires a lot of planning and effort to communicate with the admission officers and other readers who may be reading your essay.  These where the professor and other references come in for what they recommended about you will communicate to the admission officers to know who you are. It’s wise to go through the list of professors and mentors who  know you well to write your letters of recommendation.

5. Personal Statement - This is the last thing that will complement all the other parts of an application that will go a long way in supplementing your application. It should be finely crafted to communicate to the admission officers to tell them who you are. Your personal statement should be read  and edited by others.