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PERSONAL Seasoned, front-end illustrator specialized in communication design. Native English speaker versatile across multiple social platforms. Easily adaptable abroad with the ability to work safety under total transparency. Supervised mentoring hours under a certified care provider. ACHIEVEMENTS Honorable Discharge EXPERIENCE April 2007- 2014 Department of Defense Com/Nav Aerospace Technician Administered testing evaluations for serving AIT (Advanced Individual Training) cadets Sustained positive work relations abroad several deployments Managed 3 mission essential sideline support programs January 2014-present Day Care Volunteer/ Assistant Provided assisted reading for children age 3 and above Crafted creative handouts, worksheets, and study guides in relation with the lesson Determined reachable goals and objectives in preparation of the lesson Solicited online traffic for professional tutoring EDUCATION Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Culture & Media Studies from Brandman Universty, 2016

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