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Type of Paper: Research paper
Topic: Children with Bipolar
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Discipline: Psychology
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Format or citation style: APA
Paper Instructions The purpose of the final paper is to provide an opportunity for you to do an in-depth assessment and comprehensive literature review of a topic of your choice from the course. The paper should include a component of information obtained from scientific articles. Thus, it will be necessary to do independent research to complete this paper. A minimum of five original references from academic journals are required. It is important that your paper not only summarizes a topic or treatment, but also provides a critical analysis. For example, if you were to write about a therapeutic treatment, you would need to include a discussion of possible improvements and strengths of the treatment. These should not be based on opinion alone, but be supported by research studies that you cite in your paper. The paper should be between 5-10 double spaced pages and will be graded on the following rubric: Clear understanding of the area you have chosen to review = 6 points Quality of independent research = 5 points Adherence to APA format = 4 points A full letter grade will be deducted for every day that the paper is turned in late. The topic is Children with Bipolar- you would speak on the treatment, medication along with therapy methods. Are there cases when children where mis-diagnosed This is APA so it has to have in cite citation and a reference page
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