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Paper Instructions Social Criticism Essay Writing Example Step-By-Step An essay that the writer tries to express certain feeling in relation to an issue that he she feels is ineffective or corrupt on is known as social criticism essay. Bureaucracy and big government are the topics that work well with this type of essays. The writer should try as much as possible to effectively display his/her feeling in relation to the issue that he feels is societal problem. Finally the writer should propose some solution in the same regard. Writing such an essay is important not just to the said society but also to the writer. It helps the writer discover and display his own belief and express the feeling he has in regard to the society he is living in. Steps To Follow When Writing Social Criticism Essay Write the topic first in free style with no much complication. Starting with free writing is always the easiest way to narrow down your focus and help you to come up with good content as you write a social criticism essay. When writing writers are advised to follow all the basic free writing rules that include; little concern on grammar, writing at any time and writing about anything that comes to mind with no much worry. As you free write place down your thoughts on a paper in point form. Identify one issue in the society that you want to deal with. Using the notes you composed when free writing, define theme for your work. Try to place your focus on a particular problem that you will be able to express your feelings well about. At the introduction of your social criticism essay explain the basics of problem. Use very specific examples to elaborate on the problem that you have already identified. This will help your work to be under stable to the readers. Use as many examples as possible within different paragraphs to elaborate how the said problem has affected members of the society that you are in. Write the body of your essay by making more notes as you elaborate about the examples that you give out at the introduction part.  This will help the reader to understand how relay the issue is a problem and its effect to the society. Finally write the conclusion paragraph of your social criticism essay. This is where you try to provide solution to stated problem that you have already discussed.  This is a requirement to all 
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