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Success: Determination and Consistency

An individual needs determination, consistency, and initiative to become successful. There are also many other ways to become successful, the list is endless, but only a few can commit to it. Having motivation will keep the individual in check and having the responsibility to engage. The minority that does not try to achieve success is afraid of commitment or even failure. After all, no one is immune to it. They are fearful of putting all their effort in and getting nothing in return. Some are not afraid of success; they give it all they got and do not give up until they achieve it. They have the initiative to begin their path to success. The obstacles that people go through do not stop their ambitions. Making time to solve those obstacles comes in excellent, but once a failure comes in, it can help one become more resilient. Resiliency causes an individual to keep trying and to be consistent with essential things.

Success symbolizes the wealth and power that many seek. Everyone aspires to gain success, but it is not always easy, and everyone can have a different meaning of success. As a start, a determination is key to a successful life, especially when starting at the beginning. Being motivated will help an individual feel determined to achieve their goals. It is crucial to allow individuals to think about their behavior, and creativity and even to develop new talents. Optimism will benefit more than being pessimistic about a situation because it is a path of trial and error. The first failure does not make it impossible to keep trying since it requires a lot of dedication. Even Martin Meadow, a great author, had losses, "I go through dark times. But everyone has bad days. You can let experiences destroy you. I choose to them mold me.” Failures help many make wise decisions and help them learn one’s weaknesses and failing on the first try can prevent a more painful failure.

Failures are not always wrong when it comes to success; failure can help avoid the same mistakes. Failure can be seen negatively or positively. If individuals want to succeed, they have to learn how to bounce back from defeat, even if it means starting from the beginning. Failing creates immense determination to succeed, but if it can be avoided, it would be a better option. Coping with failure is part of becoming successful. It’s not easy at the beginning, and it can cause an individual to give up. Unfortunately, it comes to a point where the individual doesn’t want to try anymore. Once that happens, it’s better to remember the meaningful reason they wanted to succeed in the first place—the reason why they wanted to achieve anything at all and why they even tried. In the end, it creates confidence and higher self-esteem, important assets needed anywhere to become successful.

A consistent induvial is more likely to do things ahead of time instead of procrastinating and waiting until the last minute. It can cause significant damage because it is being rushed. Working under a lot of stress can block many great ideas and develop a health problems. "Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying fundamentals.This quote says that consistency will help create a trustworthy atmosphere where the individual already knows what to expect and what the outcome will be. By being consistent, individuals will see if they are willing to cross the line and be ready for the consequences. Creates accountability and lets others know that the individual is responsible, giving them an opportunity. Eliminates distracting activities and unproductive behavior, which focuses solely on a problem that can be solved quickly to move on forward.

Having the initiative to begin something without being told can be the beginning of a successful life. It will guarantee anything because of the hard work and effort that is being done. Focusing solely on the task at hand will get things done fast and efficiently. Managing time will also help with better progress to become successful. Multitasking and being flexible comes with significant challenges but pay off in the end. With initiative comes skill, which will be needed when individuals must prove or support their words with actions. Success is not written in words but in actions. That is why having the initiative to do anything will make a massive difference in an outcome. "You are essentially who you create yourself to be, and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making."

As a result, pursuing success means having a clear picture of what an individual wants in life, and a plan is being set together to achieve it. Visualizing one’s future and thinking open-minded will serve in having the right vision. Moreover, determination, being consistently candid, and having initiative, are essential for success, mainly because success comes from hard work.



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