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A class teacher is a person who plays an important role in molding a student's life. Teachers remain in memories of children or students and serve as a key to many life-related issues and problems. A teacher imparts not only academic knowledge but also shares morality that shapes our behaviors and ethical values as well. A teacher falls in line next to our parents to help students balance positivity and negativity and spend maximum time of childhood in shaping the life of a student. Teachers are a life-changing model to students because they influence a child's growth development and inculcating every important value every day. They are building blocks of society with immense patience, and a bright shimmering smile.

My class teacher is my most favorable teacher in school because she mentors, encourages, guides, and gives me direction in my daily life challenges and activities. Archiving a balance of negativity and positivity in every student's life is my class teacher's main objective that she strives for. However, there are two categories of teachers-the strict teacher and understanding teacher like a coin. An understanding teacher improves teaching scenarios.

The achievement of the students in a class is the greatest possession of every class teacher. The main goal of class teachers is to encourage their students to achieve as an individual in the general environment society and the nation as a whole. The future advancement of the country rests on the teacher to mold the students to achieve successful lives. Teachers impart important messages that investigate the circumstances to gain essential life factors.

Another importance of a class teacher is acting as a role model to students in his or her class. A role model is a person who inspires the ability of a person to achieve something great in life. Class teachers are the most influential people next to parents in the life of every student. Every student or child first learns through elementary school teachers, the student's next face is the middles school class teacher who then guides the students through essential adolescent transitions.

During the formative stages of every student's life, class teachers hold the most significant impact. It is always the role of the class teacher to know why a student is absent and should also know the reason behind absence. If a student is ill and therefore does not attend classes in school, the class teacher is supposed to call the parents to confirm the reason why the student did not come to school. Class teachers are sometimes needed to even pay a visit to a sick student to see how he/she is fairing on. Class teachers, guide and also advise students when they need to be advised.


Apart from imparting important life lessons to students, class teachers also guide, advise and counsel their students when hurt or when they undergo psychological torture. Class teachers need to know every student by full name, know their parents, and also know all positive and negative issues affecting the student in life. My class teacher is not only a role model to my life but also a second parent r guardian next to my parents. Teachers perform every function a parent performs and are even better than parents sometimes.


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