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How To Write A Good Argument Essay

How To Write A Good Argument Essay

Writing A Good Argument Essay

When writing an argumentative essay one needs to reason and use evidence not emotion to take a definitive stand on a controversial or debatable issue. An argumentative essay explores two sides of a topic and proves why one side or position is the best. Below are steps on how to write a perfect argumentative essay:

Choose A Specific Issue To Discuss

Some debatable issues cover a wide range of topics. For instance, "legalizing marijuana” is a broad subject because topics within the subject include legalizing marijuana, effectiveness of the FDA, or whether a painkiller made in Europe should be allowed in the US. You can always choose one of this to be your sole focus.

Research Both Sides Of The Topic Thoroughly

Research whichever side you want to argue so that you can get ideas counterarguments and help your paper show balance rather than bias.

Develop A Working Thesis

State your position on the issue and summarize your argument’s main reason in one sentence. Your body paragraphs should explain your reason fully.

Body Paragraphs

  • Present both sides of the subject, then state your opinion and explain why you chose that said side. This option is useful if you did not have an opinion on the issue prior to research, or your audience is not very familiar with your topic.
  • State your opinion at the beginning. List and explain the reasons for your choice. Acknowledge the other side’s arguments; then, disprove/refute those arguments. This option is useful when your audience already has some knowledge of the issue. It allows you to be more assertive, thus making a stronger argument.

Revise And Edit

  • Pretend that your readers are a skeptical panel or jurors. You can best convince them of your arguments by avoiding emotional or aggressive language and by using a mix of evidence type’s facts, statistics, examples, expert opinions, or even personal experience.
  • Cite your sources
  • To increase the chances that your audience will agree with you, start body paragraphs with ideas that both sides agree upon before arguing your point.
  • Know the other side’s strongest arguments to defend against challenges from other students or your instructor.
  • In your conclusion, emphasize why your topic is important, summarize your arguments, and re-state your position as the most sensible choice. Do not include new evidence or arguments.

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